One of the first purchases we made for the truck was the BAMF Bed rack, Tepui Ayer 2 RTT, and Tepui 4′ awning. We made the choice to get the camping gear first, because it was something we know we wanted to do. And starting off we planned on only doing light off-roading and fire roads/trails. We made the decision to go with BAMF and Tepui because they are local companies to us. It is always important to supporting your local businesses.

Going with a 2 person tent, we didn’t want something that was too big that would overtake the size of the truck bed. We’ve seen some RTTs that do extend past the bed of the truck which I don’t like too much. With a smaller tent we’re able to retain some of the heat inside a little better and its super easy to take off when not on the road.

The BAMF bed rack was made to order and came just in time for our first camping trip. BAMF is located in Benicia, CA and they are some really cool dudes. Huge shout out to Jerry for hooking it up!


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