Lost Coast | USAL Road

For our first official overland trip, we packed our bags and packed the truck full. Literally! Since it was our first trip we wanted to make sure we were fully prepared. We had planned to take one week off from work and camp in multiple places on our way up north to Portland, Oregon. Califonia has been going through some massive forest fires this year and we were limited to the places we could visit in our own state. So we planned to visit some of our friends in Portland.

IMG_5933We started our journey going up 101N towards Glass Beach in Fort Bragg and drove through the beautiful redwood trees. The drive was beautiful and we couldn’t have asked for anything more. Once we got to Glass Beach, we noticed that there wasn’t too much glass.. We may have visited a different part of the beach, but it was still a fun experience nonetheless. Concluding our touristy visit to glass beach, we stopped by the nearest Safeway to pack some dinner for the night. Then we loaded everything up and finished our trek to USAL Road/Lost Coast.

This was definitely a trip to remember. The trail was easy, but definitely had a ton of incline. We even passed a Prius coming from the beach. But boy was our timing perfect. There are plenty of places to camp in the area, either under the trees or directly by the beach. Of course we chose the more scenic option. But there were only a few people camping there and we were peacefully distant from each other. Unlike all those typical camp spots you’re used to visiting when you were a kid.


The next morning we got some breakfast and coffee in our systems then packed up for our long journey up into Oregon. We did plan to make a few stops on the way up.. checking out the beautiful redwood trees. IMG_8587IMG_4383

Driving through the smoke was tough, visibility was low and it was disheartening thinking about all of the devastation and seeing people evacuating from their homes. I would highly recommend visiting USAL Road/Lost Coast to anyone interested. The views are amazing and its so secluded you can really find yourself at peace.

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