Mt. Hood Ntl Forest

The goal was to spend a few days in Oregon with some of our friends. We eventually got a few chances to head out to Mt. Hood and hit some really cool trails. My friend @ridet4r led the way to some breath taking views in the mountains.

We spent all day out there visiting Trillium Lake and another secluded lake which name escapes me at the moment. We were out there with Mark’s daughter and she was having a blast in the back seat.

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The trails were super mellow fire roads nothing too crazy this stock Tacoma couldn’t handle. We aired down to about 20psi as we found ourselves getting back on the highway onto the next trailhead. Ride was definitely a little rough with the stock suspension, which got us thinking about our next mod.

After spending the day on the trails we headed back into Portland to enjoy some good food, drinks, and great company. Always a really good time up in Oregon with them. Thanks for the hospitality Mark and family! After leaving Oregon we headed back home so we can go and camp on Pismo Beach!

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