Pismo State Beach

Unfortunately we had to leave Oregon and make our way back home. We had made a promise to my brother to go camping at Pismo so we could hit the dunes. It has been a while since we’ve come down to Pismo, but it was our first time camping on the dunes. Previous trips down to Pismo we’ve rented AirBnbs and rented some ATVs. Definitely another trip I’d be happy to do at any time of the year. Hearing all the side by sides and ATVs throughout the night was definitely a different experience, but I’d imagine we’d have more fun with a larger group. A little confusing picking out a camping spot with everyone having little fences setup. We ended up picking a spot in another groups campsite, but they were super nice and they were intrigued by our RTT setup on the truck.

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Lilian and I spent the first night alone, and on the second night my brother and his friend came over and we had the place to ourselves. They rented a dune buggy and one ATV and we all hit the dunes. Aired down the truck down to 18 PSI and it handled really well. The hard part with the truck is when you’re coming over the top of a dune you can’t see much in front of you. All the off camber action was frightening for a truck that we’ve had for about 2 months..but we still managed to have a ton of fun out there.

This last stop marked the end of our week vacation, but it had us itching for more camping!

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