New wheel and tires

We couldn’t wait to get the new wheels and tires on. So I decided to go with a little leveling kit until we found a good deal on the suspension we wanted. I am currently looking for a set of ICONs to upgrade my suspension, but man is this truck getting a little pricey. Didn’t spend too much on the front leveling kit, but was able to get 2″ of lift up front.

Supreme suspensions and a little elbow grease but I was able to complete the lift with the help of my brother in a couple of hours. After getting the suspension on I know we had to get everything dialed up and aligned, because there was way too much toe.


Shout out to my brother for taking it in and the guys over at The Shop San Bruno for taking care of mounting, balancing, and aligning COCO up. After the alignment the truck sat really good. The level was a little too much in my opinion, loosing the rake from the back a ton, but those wheels and tires filled up those wheel wells nicely.


After everything was said and done we had no rubbing and boy is this build starting to take shape. Now this setup isn’t going to be permanent. I understand the ride quality and overall suspension lift isn’t good for the truck especially off-road.

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