Camp Lighting and Power

While planning for our next journey we wanted to add some rocklights and power for all our camping needs without having to go back into the truck. Nothing special just picked up some cheap rock lights and wired everything up.

Used some Marine grade 14ga wire and got to work. Nothing too crazy, but I did want the flexibility of changing or adding more lights in the future.

Rock lights took a couple of days to make sure all the wiring was secure and in the right places. As for power in the bed I went ahead and installed a Blue Sea below deck panel. These are used on boats so I trusted that it would be water resistant.

It was nice having dual USB plugs and a 12v socket for any future upgrades or accessories. Everything runs independently and there’s no need to leave the truck on while at camp. Unlike the 120v AC/DC plug works better for smaller items. All the wiring was protected with standard wire loom and zip tied to other cables.

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