Install Day

The day has come to install my new suspension. Huge shout out to ICON Vehicle Dynamics and Rogue Off-Road for throwing an amazing 25% off for Black Friday. Got these delivered in just a few days. Now that all the parts are here I set aside my next day off to take care of everything. It literally took me all day. I had a couple friends stop by here and there.. but for the most part I was taking care of the entire install alone. I enjoyed the time with Coco. But boy was it cold in my garage. Winter is here in the bay and its been colder than ever. Not as cold as some other parts in the country but COLD for me. lol.


Front was pretty easy since I had originally put the leveling kit not too long ago. My biggest problem in my shop was misplacing tools and trying to find them all over again. But having an impact wrench and breaker bars helped a lot. The front was pretty straight forward install based on the instructions. Got those done by lunch time.

IMG_1024Now it was time to tackle the rears. Looking at everything, it seemed like an easy task.. but had to finagle a lot of moving pieces. I had to cut off one of the rivets to setup the AAL, once that was done spray painted everything and attempted to light everything up. The only issues I ran into was getting everything buttoned up once installed. After the drivers side was done it was rinse and repeat.


This took me the whole day so I got everything setup good to drive. I’ll make some minor adjustments over the next week or so. Including the installation of the extended rear lines.

Overall pleased with the ride quality, definitely time for another alignment, and adjust the preload.


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