CMC and Pinch weld

Now that we have the suspension in, it’s time to take care of the CMC and pinch weld. Now with my previous setup I wasn’t rubbing, but after my alignment its starting to rub a lot more. Definitely need to take it to another alignment shop so that its not to stock spec. Will need to get more caster with this setup.


First thing is to get the grinding wheel and start pulling some material off. I went ahead and purchased the fill plates from Bay Area Metal Fab. Shipped it was about $20 from what I could remember. Once everything was cleaned up, all you need to do is tack weld it on and slowly finish it up. Sand it down and paint.


Even after completing the CMC, the truck was still rubbing the inner fender liner. So it was time to pull the sledge hammer and take some of the fender out.

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