Sierra at Tahoe

This weekend we planned to go snowboarding at Sierra at Tahoe. My brother and I spent majority of the morning and afternoon shredding the mountain. As we started to get a little tired, we opted to go out to find some trails.


Good thing we brought the Maxtrax out because we definitely got stuck. We drove up and down 50 a little bit until we saw a sign for Echo Lake Campground. Curious to see what was nearby we drove down the path. As we got closer we noticed there was a little offroad track and decided to take the road. As we stopped to enjoy the view and take some photos we noticed another taco coming down the trail. We ran into coco and decided to push forward and find a spot to turn around or pull over. Well that didn’t work out so well for us. We ended up getting stuck multiple times. Now I did happen to bring my Boulder Tools deflators, but forgot to bring my compressor to air back up. So we were left with shoveling and using the Maxtrax. We didn’t make it too far, so when we had enough room we turned around and headed for home. Only downside to day trips is that after a long day of boarding you gotta make that trip back home…tired or not.


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