PowerTrays Install

With some pretty good deals this black Friday… I decided to clean up my auxiliary power even more. I picked up a PowerTrays panel and a bunch of Blue Sea Equipment peripherals to prepare for a future purchase of a SwitchPros SP9100.


Everything was packaged beautifully from PowerTrays. Decided to purchase everything else from Amazon. Used stainless steel screws to put everything together. Cleans up real nice compared to my previous setup. Also realized I didn’t need a 12 Bus Aux panel. The nice thing about this setup is that everything has a place and will connect up nicely to a SP9100. The SP9100 doesn’t require any additional relays or wiring which makes everything really simple and clean in the engine bay. Hope to get this real soon with an SDHQ panel.IMG_8008.jpeg

She cleans up real nice..IMG_2615.jpeg

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