TPAM & Speedo Calibrator


So one of the things I’ve always wanted to take care of is a comms and GPS system that would withstand the bumps and craziness off-road. I decided to go with the Expedition Essentials TPAM for the 3rd gen tacoma. The system uses RAM mounts and RAM product which are great for mounting a ton of accessories.

Parts used:
10-32 Black Screws for the Accessories
RAM Mounts Tab-Tite for iPad or Tablets
RAM diamond ball mounts (2)
RAM Round Base for Tab Tite
RAM iPhone or Phone Mount
Amazon Lightning Cable 4″ for iPad
Expedition Essentials TPAM & Wire cover with Standard Charger
Expedition Essentials CB mic holder
Rough Country 3rd Gen Tacoma Speedometer Calibrator or Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator 

With the TPAM purchased I decided since I will be removing the front entertainment bezel it was going to be best to do the Speedometer Calibrator as well. I have heard it is a bit of a task to remove the TPAM so why not tackle it all in one shot?

The speedo calibrator from Rough Country has been confirmed to be the same as Hypertech. In order to update the firmware and configure the tires I went to the Hypertech website to download the software to complete. Disclaimer it is only available for Windows. As a Mac user, I went ahead and installed Parallels 14 and Windows 10 just for this purpose. Be sure to update the firmware with the application before configuring your new tire size. Also don’t forget to include the stock tire size to correctly calibrate. You can find you original tire size on the driver side panel of the door.


You will want to remove both the right and left bezels. (sorry for the crappy photo) Slowly pull from the right side near the vent and work your way towards the steering wheel. It is really easy to remove. Once that is off continue with the left side following the same procedures moving towards the steering wheel. This second piece will remove the top portion of the cluster plastic. In order to remove you will need to extend and lower the steering wheel and have the driver side door open to complete the removal.


Once removed it is time to remove 4 10mm bolts to pull the gauge cluster forward.IMG_7989.jpeg

Use the supplied wiring harness to connect to the large plug on the back of the cluster. Once plugged in you will then connect the speed calibrator in and place it in the back. I chose to leave the micro usb connected should I ever need to update or recalibrate the system with different tire sizes. I then zip tied the red speedo calibrator behind the cluster and secured the micro usb to the loom of wires behind. Ran the micro usb cable down towards the pedals.


Tuck it away and then proceed to replace the cluster back in place.


I kept the wiring harness up above the cluster to keep the cable from binding and for easy access. Finally we move on to adding the TPAM in. Start by removing or setting aside the radio to gain access to the 12v outlet up front.


To gain access to the wiring as it is very short I pulled the middle section of the Air controls. You will need to make sure to pull back a portion below the steering wheel to fully remove the center knobs.


After running all the cables move on to placing the cable up on the top left of the radio and mount the supplied brackets to the radio. From here the Expedition Essentials instructions is pretty straight forward. Be sure to measure twice and cut once. As you only have one shot after you drill the holes. I struggled a little bit with applying the screws to the mounting brackets so I decided to purchase longer 8-32 screws that we 3/4″ long versus the supplied 1/2″. This made the final installation a breeze. I was struggling for a while with the right side screw because it was too short.


After its all said and done place your RAM products to your liking. Everything works great and I can’t wait to get this out on the trail.

I am also happy to report that the speedo calibrator is working as it should. I only notice a 1mph discrepancy when verifying with GPS. Both the MPG distance to empty and consumption have updated. Before the calibrator system reported 85 miles till empty after it had adjusted to 109 miles. After my first fill up I was able to get 409 miles till empty when on average I would get 360-385 after fillups. Pretty pleased with the update, not sure if it makes a real change, but with the wife driving this occasionally having an accurate speedo is necessary.

Happy trailing!

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