Home Entertainment

Ever thought of getting a projector for your home entertainment system? Well there are a lot of projectors out there that are really good. Like Vivetek. Decently priced projectors with HDMI ports and 3D ready. I recently picked up the Vivitek D511. A perfect little set up for Roughly $500. Not bad because if you … Continue reading Home Entertainment

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hey guys, sorry I have been missing from the blog lately but have no fear this new year I will be trying to blog a lot more then I previously did. New years resolution? Possibly, don't really care too much about them but for the sake of my blog I will. I just recently spent … Continue reading Happy New Year Everyone!

Crazy rigs?

In an effort to film a 24hour Scalleycat, the rig was originally intended to go on a Ruckus, but because of minor difficulties with the ruckus and the weather, we chose to mount my 5dmarkii to a Letus Cage, and onto a Specialized p-fixed frame. More info and video to come. Check out iminusd.c om … Continue reading Crazy rigs?

1 Year Already?

After a year of riding and supporting our San Jose Fixed Gear community. Wow. Finally, one year has passed since the shop first opened. A lot of hard work and patience has gone into carving out a lifestyle that reflected our values throughout the years. Thank you for riding along side us and for the … Continue reading 1 Year Already?