Revisiting the Video Track/Dolly

So I am putting the shoulder support on hold for now as I wait for a few more things for it. But in the meantime I am revisiting my Video track/dolly. Now that I have put it into some use I feel it is not right for me. And after studying all the sliders out … Continue reading Revisiting the Video Track/Dolly

Modifying the $24 Shoulder Support

$24 Cheap shoulder support (now $30) Many of you might be following my friend Emm over at CheesyCam, and if you are not you should be, and well Emm is always talking about the $24 Cheap shoulder support (now $30) found on Amazon. Now if you haven't heard much about this shoulder support then I … Continue reading Modifying the $24 Shoulder Support

Eibach Sportlines on a GE8 Honda Fit

Eibach 4.8140 Sportline Kit for the Honda Fit ge8 (2009-2011), provides a 2.0" rear drop and a 1.8" front drop. Now compared to stock the car sits a lot lower and looks more agressive. However do not be scared if you do not want to go that low, because they also have the Eibach 4081.140 … Continue reading Eibach Sportlines on a GE8 Honda Fit